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Watch the Eclipse at Our sunBLOCK PARTY!

We’re going to have a "BLOCK" party and are closing down part of Mercer Street to create a fun and safe gathering place to watch the Eclipse. This isn't a big festival or concert, just a nice place to gather so you can watch the eclipse with others! We’ll have music supplied by local students and some local entertainers throughout the day. We have food vendors and food trucks! And we'll have close to 20 eclipse-related vendors and businesse and more! Visitors can shop at Mercer Street stores, listen to music, purchase commemorative items and more! Cell service might be iffy so bring cash in case you can't use your phone or bank cards.🌞🌙

Join the cosmic experience of the eclipse at the sunBLOCK Party. This isn't an event like our upcoming fabulous Founders Day Festival (which is almost here... yay!). The sunBLOCK event is designed to give you a safe place to share the moment with others in our community. We created this viewing space because we know that watching an eclipse with others can help transform a solitary observation into a communal celebration under our beautiful Dripping Springs sky.


And it doesn't matter if it's cloudy! It will still get dark (darker actually!) and we'll still have an amazing experience with this shared sense of wonder and awe. In a world often filled with division, the sunBLOCK Party will offer Dripping a celestial opportunity to come together in appreciation of something greater than ourselves! All for free!

The event is located on Mercer Street from 10am-6pm on Monday. And it's in walking distance to Veterans Memorial Park where our giant, life-size eclipse glasses are, for a nice photo op for you!

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Monday, April 8, from 10:00am-6:00pm

Along with shopping and food and the eclipse experience, there will be local entertainment on the Eclipse stage, organized by Tommy Mojica and The Dripping Strings. The Dripping Strings are Mojica’s young and young at heart music students. His students, the Dripping Springs High School Jazz Band and more will be performing throughout the day. Also scheduled to appear are local musicians such as Al Monti, Rob Roy Parnell and Soul Fire, Frank Iarossi and more.

Check Out the Entertainment!

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There is no set parking for this event. Similar to other events on Mercer, you can park on side streets and other areas. Look at this map for possible parking, but make sure you don't park in areas marked with no parking! Be kind to establishments!


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Thank you to our sponsors of the sunBLOCK Party and the Stage!

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