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Welcome to the Eclipse Store!

Celebrate the once-in-a-lifetime event with great items, from T-shirts to stickers to more! We have VERY FEW LEFT. THEY WILL GO QUICKLY!

Would you like a piece of history?

We've had inquiries into purchasing our street banners that are being displayed on Mercer Street. They make wonderful collectors' items after the event.


There are 3 versions, each measures 24" x 60" and are double sided.


No shipping, must be picked up in person. Limited Quantities.

Will be available for pick-up by April 15. We will email you when they are ready for pick-up. 


Note: these will need to be wiped and washed, as they have been outdoors for a couple of months. But other than that, they are in excellent condition as they are designed for the outdoors.


No refunds. 



Please pick up your items by April 5th. IF YOU DO NOT PICK UP YOUR ITEMS, THERE ARE NO REFUNDS. We ask that you understand this, as all of these items cannot be re-sold after the eclipse.  Please do NOT order if you cannot pick it up by that date.

Thank you!

Any questions, please reach out to

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