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How to Safely View Our Eclipse!

A big misconception is that you can never look at the sun during a total solar eclipse. But you can, you just have to know when it's safe.

Total solar eclipses can be viewed safely. The rules are simple; use only ISO certified-safe solar viewers, keep them on while the sun is not yet fully eclipsed. Once the sky suddenly turns dark, and the solar corona appears, then you can take off your eclipse glasses or viewers to look at the sun’s amazing corona. But be prepared to put on the glasses again once it moves on its way. For Dripping, we will be in totality for almost 3 minutes, when it will be safe to not use glasses. 


The easiest way to view the partial solar eclipse safely is with ISO certified-safe eclipse glasses, and/or SUNoculars. 

We have certified-safe glasses available! 

family looking at eclipse in dripping springs
girl watching eclipse dripping springs
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